Anne Kayser's four cardinal points

Compliance and Ethics

Anti-fraud program
Compliance monitoring
Integrity behaviors

Corporate governance​

Conduct rules
Directors responsibilities
Crisis management

Internal control

Three lines of defense
Policies and procedures
Four eyes principle


Financial crime

At a glance

Anne Kayser has built her career mainly in the financial services industry, where she has been active for over 30 years, holding several executive positions, in close relation with Boards of Directors.

For about 15 years, she held senior assignments in Compliance, Internal Control and Regulatory Audit within the BNP Paribas Group in Luxembourg and Paris, reporting in this quality to the Board of Directors.

Based on her legal background, she began her career as Head of Legal Affairs in the context of the establishment of Crédit Commercial de France (CCF, today part of HSBC Group) in Luxembourg, before moving to BNP Luxembourg, where she contributed, in her role as Head of Legal, to the merger of the local affiliates of BNP and Paribas.

Following the integration of BGL into the BNP Paribas Group, Anne became in 2010 a member of the Management Board and Head of Compliance of BGL BNP Paribas, with responsibility for all entities and business lines of the Group in Luxembourg. In that role, she interacted on a regular basis with the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, as well as with the Board of Directors.

In 2014, Anne joined the BNP Paribas Headquarter as Deputy Head of the General Inspectorate and Head of the Financial Security Audit Line. In this position, she lead diverse and multicultural teams located in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore in negotiations with national supervisory authorities. In that role, she interacted regularly with the Internal Control Committee of the Group. Her assignment to the Paris HQ included also the leading of a transversal worldwide project on end-to-end KYC processes for CIB Group Compliance.

Since March 2020, Anne is offering Independent Non-Executive Directors mandates and Compliance and Regulatory advisory services, including interim missions.

She was elected in May 2020 to the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Institute of Directors (ILA).

She is providing specialised courses on compliance for the Luxembourg House of Training.

Anne was nominated in June 2021 member of the CODIR (Executive Committee) of ILA, being also an active member of the Think tank.

Anne was appointed Board member at ecoDa – The European Confederation of Directors Associations.

Having completed the ISEAD International Directors Programme, Anne is an IDP-C “Certified Director” since October 2021.

Anne was elected on 1 January 2023 as a partner in European Governance Partners G.I.E.

More about anne

Her memberships

Anne is holding several memberships, such with ACAMS, ALCO, ALJB, AMCHAM, European Women on Board, IFA and ILA. Anne was appointed to the Board of ILA where she is also Co-Chair of the Fraud and Integrity Committee and where she participates to the ILA Think Tank. She is part of the Female Board Pool initiatives in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

Some achievements

– Publishing in a periodic legal publication on roles and responsibilities of directors in her current role of compliance and corporate governance consultant > view article

– Coordinating a Vade Mecum on crisis planning and management for Board members

– Moderating events such as webinars on Artificial Intelligence, Round table on AML for Banks

– Analysing the impacts of depositary bank activities for Alternative Investment Funds

– Initiating and conducting a project on KYC reliance principles when active within BNP Paribas Group


Anne’s mother tongue is French. Being fluent in English, she has a reasonable knowledge in German and a basic knowledge in Dutch.

Her core values for your organisation

Trust and Commitment


Professionalism and Excellence

Experience and Track record

Pragmatism and Reactivity

Tailor-made approach and solutions
High personal involvement, easily reachable

Your Needs, Her Solutions

Independent non-executive directorship mandates

  • Would like to enhance your Board governance with an independent director position?
  • Need managing compliance and ethics risks at Board level?
  • Need diversification among your Board members, looking for a compliance or “risk prevention oriented” experienced profile?
  • Need a member for your Audit Committee?
  • Looking for a “RR” (“Responsable du Respect des obligations”) for your Luxembourg ManCo or Fund’s Board of Directors?
  • Need corporate governance advice for your Board or its specialized committees?

Having been involved in Corporate Governance all along her career and having interacted with Boards and their specialized committees in various roles, Anne is committed to provide her expertise to Boardrooms under mandates as an Independent Member of Boards of Directors or as Board advisor, in the financial services industry.

As former member of the Management Board and Head of Compliance of a systemic Bank in Luxembourg, she has acquired inside knowledge of the functioning of a major Luxembourg financial institution and its business lines and functions.

Compliance advices and Regulatory reviews

  • Need  to improve or enhance your compliance program, including on financial crime, corruption, fraud, professional ethics?
  • Need trainings, workshops or awareness programs on compliance or governance matters for Board members, Senior Executives or personnel?
  • Need implementation or review of your compliance policies or procedures in accordance with your organisational and operating set up?
  • Need (re) assessment of your compliance risks or review or enhancement of your control plans?
  • Need advice on your internal control framework?


With her legal background combined with her expertise and her broad experience in the compliance field for a wide range of business lines – Private Banking, Retail Banking, Securities Services, Asset Management, Corporate Banking, CIB, Insurance, Real Estate, Leasing –, Anne understands your compliance challenges and is committed to serving your needs, with an efficient and tailor-made approach.

Compliance missions

  • Facing a temporary shortage of qualified resources within your Compliance or Internal Control departments?
  • Need to conduct a remediation plan in a secure and efficient way?
  • Need to implement regulatory requirements in a short period of time?
  • Wish to conduct a project on your KYC processes?
  • Need to lead a gap analysis on your regulatory environment?


Based on her experience to lead projects and to assist in change management with a view to complying with regulatory requirements and expectations, Anne may perform dedicated compliance interim assignments.

Used to work and coordinate with regulators on compliance topics, she is committed to implementing their expectations.

Knowledgeable in the enhancement of efficient compliance programs and being familiar, among others, with redacting Conduct rules, with the prevention and management of Conflicts of Interest and with leading control plans on financial crime (KYC, AML, sanctions and embargoes), Anne can be your privileged interlocutor and your single point of contact for proposing you a wide range of compliance missions.